Dear forest gardeners!

Welcome to our networking project!

As already announced on our website, we are now starting our first part of the survey on forest gardens from all over the world in order to enable targeted networking of like-minded and motivated people and to support them in making their living environment more ecological and livable.

Please take your time and fill out the following form as precisely as possible. This enables us to import the data directly into our database and subsequently publish it.

You can of course also fill out the questionnaire anonymously (with a nickname), but we need a valid email address so that interested parties can contact you in the future.

Notes on completing:

If you manage several – locally from each other – separate forest gardens, please fill out a separate form for each one.

You can use the following tool to enter the coordinates: If you do not want to give exact coordinates, then simply place the marker on the city center of the next large city.  

On the one hand of the second part of the forest garden survey, location factors such as climate and soil conditions, available resources, & cetera , and on the other hand about the plant population, variety or species diversity in your forest garden projects. This second part is expected to start during summer 2024 and will take place directly in our new web interface.

In the third and, for the time being, last part of our survey, we want to record problems and challenges in the forest garden, such as slopes and steep slopes, irrigation and drainage, pests and bio-invaders, financing, etc. On the other hand, we will also document successes, “show cases”, “best practice” etc.

To a successful network and:
“Let’s give nature back a piece of land!”

In which year was the forest garden laid out in its current form?
You can use the following tool to determine the coordinates: and enter with "copy & paste"
e.g. similar to a brand name, or as a tourist attraction, communal project, etc.
If you select "Other", please describe this briefly in the comment field at the bottom.
These can be employees, volunteers or beneficiaries ...
such as sheep, goats, chickens, etc.